Words of Love



Aimee is truly inspirational in her seamless ability to shed any trace of ego and come from a place of truth and vulnerability. One of her many gifts is her ability to be equal parts intuitive as well as openhearted.

Her soulful approach to everything that she does – from a genuine conversation where she gaze deeply into your eyes, to her thorough preparation of a session, helps you feel as though she holds you close to her heart – which she does.

Having Aimee in your life is like having a cheerleader who oscillates between being the coach that shows you that you’re capable of so much more, or the bff that holds the space for you to transform and shine.

Patty Kikos

I connected with Aimee Angelique for the first time in the middle of an ‘acting’ exercise. We were not meant to meet any other way. For we were living in our truth & we were calling the moment for what ‘It Was’ in the Now.
What I saw was a magic, a purity of energy that was forceful but elegant & ‘LIGHT’ …She was strong but mothering. She knew how to hold you with perseverance that would take you to the end, where ever the end was meant to be. We went on a journey, and I am still on a journey with her, I waited for her to come.

Natasha Shae Donnellyi

I am lucky to count Aimee as one of my best friends as well as my own personal Health Coach, Guide & best of all, my biggest cheerleader and supporter.  Aimee has a way of making you feel at ease, guiding you gently with suggestions on ways to improve health, lifestyle and most importantly in my case, my fertility.  She doesn’t push, bully or guilt me into changes but is always there to lend support & wisdom when needed.  Aimee has a kind and nurturing nature; she sees the best in everyone and brings out the very best in others.  I am so grateful to have had this amazing woman in my life for the past 20 years and know that I will continue to be inspired by Aimee’s warmth, successes & joy for life.

Jacki Adams


The moment Aimee appeared in the yoga studio, I felt as if we have always known one another. She has this energy that lights up a room, you can feel that her beauty goes way beyond her visual loveliness, she emanates pure feminine grace straight from her heart. She is blessed with a beautiful balanced blend of strength, vulnerability, intelligence, innocents, humour, empathy, compassion, she is authentic, brave and so so welcoming. If Aimee has wondered into your life, you are in for a treat, I recommend you soak up every molecule of energy transmitted, you will treasure the experience always.