Winter Wellness with Essential Oils 

Do you remember the last time you were really unwell? Do you remember saying “I don’t ever wanna be sick like this ever again!”

I do… it was when I was heavily pregnant with my youngest daughter Charlotte.. I got influenza which turned in to pneumonia by the time I was in labour… I was sick very sick… and I remember being so weak, tired and all I wanted was to get better and never feel this way again…

I was already very holistic minded but at this time I had no idea about the power of essential oils. I was a big believer in herbs from the Naturopath and I was taking everything ‘natural’ I was allowed to have while I was pregnant (and then breastfeeding once my baby girl was born) but I remember wishing there was more!

In 2015… when my baby girl was about 8 months old a friend of mine saw I was struggling with my health (at that time is was mostly my emotional health) and she introduced me to essential oils…

At that time I had no idea essential oils could help assist your health… I thought they were just something you put in an oil burner to make your house smell pretty.

What I have now discovered is essential oils are a safe way to help support you and your families health.

We use essential oils daily to support ourselves physically and emotionally and right now with it being the first day of Winter here in Australia we are using our oils on overdrive to support us with our immunity.

I filmed a Facebook LIVE yesterday with my beautiful soul sister Brooke from Hello Skin all about ‘Winter Wellness with Essential Oils‘ which you can watch >> HERE <<

Some of the oils we mention are:

Lemon: Purifies the air, detoxes the body, uplifts moods.

Lavender: Think: all things calming. Incredible added to bathwater, rubbed on the bottom of the feet before bed, soothes headaches.

Frankincense: We call this: God In A Bottle! When in doubt, use Frank! Excellent dfor immune & inflammation support. Helps with  brain function and improves memory, assists the body in healing cuts, bruises, scars. Apply to fine lines and wrinkles and is a God sent for dry skin. This beauty is worth it’s weight in gold.

Oregano: 1 drop daily assists in healthy immune function, high in antioxidants, supports healthy digestion.

Tea Tree (Maleluca): Protects against environmental and seasonal threats and can also help to support ear discomfort.

Easy Air: Perfect for chest congestion and cold and flu season. Opens up the airways and is fantastic for asthmatics.

OnGuard: Protective blend! Scientifically proven to rid cold and flus. Preventative medication. High in antioxidants. Really great to travel with. DoTERRA add OnGuard to their home products, including: toothpaste, hand wash, cleaner concentrate, laundry liquid, etc.

Deep Blue: Use topically to ease muscular and joint pain and inflammation  plus is also helps ease and sooth creaky knees, hips, lower back discomfort.

DigestZen: The name says it all Ease bloating, nausea, heartburn, constipation and digestive discomfort. My favourite way to use this magic oil in a bottle is to apply topically to the belly with a carrier oil.

As I mentioned Brooke and I cover the oils in detail and how we use the for ourselves and our families over on our Facebook LIVE class >> HERE <<

Please contact me via email at with your questions and book in a complementary 1:1 call as I would love to help support you and your family though Winter.

Namaste Aimee X

What do I personally use my oils for?

In short… EVERYTHING!!! I am proud to say I use them over 30 times a day. Yep that’s right… over 30 times a day!

~ I use them to support my families health, wellness and immune system
~ I use them in my skincare routine, shampoo and conditioner, hand wash, hand sanitiser, toothpaste, mouthwash, oil pulling and the list goes on…
~ I use them to clean my house, in the washing machine, as laundry liquid.. and feel so confident, proud and happy that my children are not being exposed to toxic chemicals in our home
~ Both Gavin (my partner) and I use them help relieve head/neck/shoulder tension + any aches and pains we have in our bodies.
~ We use them to help us relax at night and get a deep restful nights sleep
~ I use them to support and calm mine and my families emotions and moods
~ I use them to help my children and I focus and concentrate
~ I use them to help my digestion, bloating and belly cramps
~ I use them to support my meditation, yoga and spiritual practice

Plus so much more!!!

What will you receive if you enrol and start your oils journey with me?

I am a member of a beautiful team called ‘Aroma Angels’ which is a collaborative team of like minded women.

As a member you receive:
~ Your (FREE) 30-minute wellness consult and welcome call with me (or your enroller).
~ Aroma Angels welcome pack straight to your inbox, while your doTERRA essential oils are on route to your doorstep.
~ Invitations to attend online and in person classes, circles and catch ups to continue learning and loving your essential oils.
~ Exclusive access to private Facebook group with spiritual teachers, health practitioners and essential oils experts guiding your journey.
~ New membership portal coming soon with meditations, recipes, exercises and rituals to work with your new oils.

What do I recommend getting started with… I personally recommend getting started with a kit as they are the best value and include the top 10 oils we believe every home needs!

The Home Essentials Kits or Nature’s Solution Kits (photos of these two kits below) are my top picks! However there is a kit for every budget.

Please remember if you have questions or are keen to jump on the phone with me or would like to catch up in-person for a tea or smoothie please either PM me or hit reply to book in a time.

Ready to get started now?

Here’s how you can enrol today:
~ Click this link:
~ Click Join and Save
~ Choose the country and language that’s appropriate for you.
~ If you know that you specifically want to order a kit that’s available internationally and not from an Australian warehouse, be sure to select that option, otherwise, stick with ‘Local.’
~ Choose Wholesale Customer or Wellness Advocate
~ Enter your personal information, including your Australian Business Number (or leave blank if n/a)
~ At *Enroller id*, enter my number: 2418959
~ Then click verify (it should then show my name)
~ Give yourself an easy to remember password
~ Click over to the next page
~ Select what kit you’d like to order. If you want to add anything else to your kit, start typing the name of the oil in the box and it will show you. Please note that by enrolling with a kit it waives the $35 enrollment fee (so don’t add that to your cart).
~ Enter your Credit Card details and process your order.

Please note: You will hear from me within 24 hours of us seeing your order come through… YAY!

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