Making it EASY to stay STRONG this Silly Season!

Aimee AngeliqueHi Beauty,

Yep! We’re already here – it’s the Silly Season!

With seemingly everyone around you urging you to drop all disciplines and get into indulgent-mode, it can seem ‘hard’ to stay healthy throughout the holidays.

But with a few little shifts in your mind-frame, it’s easy to see that staying strong, healthy and nourished throughout December is actually EASY and PLEASURABLE!

Sound impossible?

Read on for my favourite tips for staying strong, nourished and centred this Christmas, with zero deprivation and maximum indulgence!

It’s OK to say ‘no’!

With a sometimes-ridiculous number of invitations to parties and get-togethers, December can be an overwhelmingly social month!

I totally understand how challenging it can be to maintain the boundaries of self-care during the silly season, but each year I’m getting better and better at tapping into my intuition about attending social events, especially if I’m starting to feel overstretched.

Accessing my instincts really just involves asking myself some basic questions and ‘feeling’ for my true, pure answers…

Regardless of who has invited me and who will be there…

Do I really want to go?

Will I feel happy if I go?

Does the idea of going fill me with feelings of love and excitement?

If I don’t receive a clear and excited ‘HELL YES’, it’s a ‘No, thank you. I hope you have a great time!’ from me!

It takes practice to hear your answers clearly, amid all the mind chatter that usually revolves around worrying about what other people will think if you say no! But believe me, it’s worth it! The right balance of ‘YES’ and ‘NO’ during the holidays simply means that you’ll be glowing and full of energy and fun for the parties that you’ve given an almighty ‘YES’ to!

Don’t forget the H2O!

Staying hydrated is more important than ever during the holidays, especially if you like indulging in some cheeky sparkles or an ice-cold beer!

I personally don’t drink alcohol, but I always recommend one large glass of pure water between party drinks, in addition to a baseline of 2-3 litres of pure water each day.

Keep moving!

When you’ve discovered a few ways of moving that you really love, there’s no reason to let the holiday season stop you from exercising!

In fact, the holidays are the perfect time to set ‘movement dates’ with your favourite people. Why not organise a yoga class, walk, run or swim with your besties BEFORE the party or pub? Or roll out the yoga mat at home before a big night out?

When you frame it right, there’s no reason to fall off the movement wagon this Summer!

Plan joyfully!

There are so many ways to nourish yourself, and others, while being in full party mode! All it takes is just a little forward thinking, a quick plan and you’re set! Some of my favourite holiday tips include:

  • Drinking 1 litre of pure water and eating a healthy, satiating, protein-rich snack before heading out to a holiday ‘do’. This will make it so much easier to stay moderate at parties and events
  • Offer to bring a healthy plate to share to any parties you’re invited to. Worst case scenario, and you’re faced with a table full of processed junk, you can just rely on your own plate!
  • Gifting, and indulging in, raw cacao treats and raw vegan desserts so that you, and your loved ones, are being nourished while you’re indulging!
  • Don’t be afraid to enjoy your favourite holiday treats in moderation. If your grandmother makes the most wonderful ‘White Christmas’ that brings back warm, fuzzy feelings from childhood despite it’s processed wickedness – go for it! Just have one, and bask in the memories and the love and care she put into it’s creation!

Prioritise RELAXING!

 It’s kind of ironic that the ‘holiday’ period is the busiest time of the year!

It’s time to reclaim the word ‘vacation’ and prioritise downtime!

Take indulgent naps and sleep in!

Fill a warm bath and settle in!

Conjure up a pot full of delicious, nourishing herbal tea and relish it in the sunshine!

Read something inspiring and delicious – slowly and deliberately!

Pamper yourself and keep up your self-love routine!

Keep up the basics!

 Just because you’re attending parties brimming over with indulgent, rich, succulent food, it doesn’t mean that your ‘basics’ need to go awry to!

If you keep on including plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables, nuts, seeds, fish, eggs and lean meat in your diet throughout the silly season, you’re doing a great job!

I especially love Juice Plus+ at this time of year, as my way of filling in any potential gaps in my diet, and I adore my daily morning smoothie or juice as a no-brainer, nutrient dense start to every day.

Tell me beautiful… What are YOUR tips for staying healthy and vital during the festive season? Comment below and let’s get sharing!

Love, gratitude and grace,

Aimee xxx

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Loving Yourself is the KEY

Aimee AngeliqueGreetings Sister,

Do you remember?

Do you remember loving yourself?

Do you remember loving yourself without question?

It might feel difficult or even impossible to recall, but you were born into this world loving yourself unconditionally. Self-love is your nature.

Does this feel hard to believe?

Take a look at babies and children; their inbuilt self-loving nature that manifests as laughter, joy, curiosity, wonder.

That was you, sister.

Sometimes the world and the people in it seem determined to beat all of your self-love out of you, but regardless of how low you might feel on the worthiness scale, you still embody the seed of self-love.

You are still here!

Your amazing spirit LOVES you!

The key to allowing your natural state of self-loving to expand and unfold is INSPIRED ACTION.

Rituals of sacred, nourishing pleasure actually teach us to love ourselves again!

My own self-love rituals are extremely important to me; they’re non-negotiable.

I have found that it’s their repetition combined with pure intent that has allowed me to create the momentum for ever-unfolding feelings of self-love, self-respect and worthiness.

It’s from this place that I’ve manifested the life of my dreams!

My wish for all women is the reclaiming of self-love and the magic that this generates.

I’ve been thinking about the importance of self-love so much lately that I’d love to share some of my own self-loving practices.

As you read the list below, remember: INSPIRED ACTION!

What resonates with you? What do you feel would bring you pleasure, good feelings, a sense of sacred connection and magic?

Work that out, then DO IT!

1. Set your intention:

Every morning, at almost the very moment that I open my eyes, I set an intention for my day. Sometimes just one word might float into my consciousness: LOVE… NOURISHING… OPEN…

Or sometimes I might gain my inspiration by pulling a card from my Angel Oracle deck and pondering its message.
I’ve found that writing my intention on either a piece of paper or my wrist helps to remind me of it as I go through my day!

2. Meditate:

Whether you’re simply sitting and counting your breaths, repeating a mantra or listening to a guided audio, meditation is a sure-fire key to self-love.

When we quieten the mind, we allow our true nature to shine bright. You may not notice the benefits of this practice immediately, but over time (and I’m talking days!) you’ll start to find yourself softening more, loving more, reaching for patience and compassion with ease and appreciating yourself and those around you with greater ease.

Believe me when I say… You cannot go wrong with meditation!

3. Pray:

Whether your prayer is to Goddess/God, your guides, your angels or simply the cosmos, the surrender of prayer is a beautiful thing that will always yield you the answers you need.

My absolute favourite prayer, one that I find myself repeating daily, comes from ‘A Course In Miracles’:

Universe, what Miracle would you have me perform today?
What Miracles do I need to share with the world?
Guide me as I work miracles today

This simple prayer is a recipe for inspiration for me and many others – I urge you to try it, at least for a few days, and watch the healing thoughts and ideas flow!

4. Affirm in the Mirror:

Many years ago now, I stumbled across Louise Hay’s ‘You Can Heal Your Life’. It made so much sense to me and was one of the best reads of my life!
To this day I love her meditations and exercises, most especially her mirror-work affirmations!

Affirmations are made even more potent in front of the mirror, and this can be challenging work initially. When I first began this practice, I had tears rolling down my face as the years of pain and self-hatred unlocked and released. This is brave, warrioress work, but I wholeheartedly encourage you to try it.

My favourite, and perhaps most challenging, affirmation exercise is simple but powerful. Having lit a candle, I stand naked in front of the mirror and, out loud, name and describe everything I love about my body:

Aimee, your hair is so shiny and glossy and such a deep, rich colour…
Aimee, your hands are so graceful and pretty…
Aimee, your legs are so strong and sleek…

You get my drift 😉

Once I’ve ‘bathed’ myself in self appreciation, I get even deeper:

I love you, Aimee…
I honour you as a woman, Aimee…
You are a Goddess, Aimee…

The effect of affirmations accumulates over time. In my life now, I of course have days where I feel much more positive and immersed in self love and others that feel challenging, but this practice has resulted in a far greater ratio of ‘good’ to ‘bad’ days in my life.

I also know that that mirror affirmations are remedies that always help me to get unstuck so when life is feeling tricky, I prioritise them.

5. Be Grateful:

Did you know that gratitude is scientifically PROVEN?

Research has shown that a simple, daily gratitude journaling practice – listing five things you’re grateful for each and every day, has been shown to:

~ Help create more heartfelt relationships with family, friends, partners, children and workmates
~ Improve physical health – gratitude literally reduces your trips to the doctor and boost your motivation for self-care
~ Reduce toxic emotions and increase happiness
~ Enhance empathy and reduce anger
~ Create better quality sleep
~ Significantly improve self esteem
~ Increase mental and emotional resilience

If that sounds like a super-pill… It IS!
All you need is a notebook, a pen and 3-5 minutes per day…
Seriously… DO IT!

6. Pamper:

What does your body LOVE?

For me, it’s a home gently scented with my favourite essential oil blends… Gentle body brushing in the morning… Deep, warm Epsom salts baths… A wonderful, soothing cleanser and moisturiser applied with love… Preparing a nourishing meal to share with my family… A warm mug of tea sipped in a silent moment…

What makes your body SING?

7. Move Mindfully:

Whether you’re heading to a structured class or have manage to grab a rare-but-spare 5 minutes of ‘you time’, roll out your yoga mat EVERY day.

Let your movement be inspired and true! Let it nourish and heal you! Let your body be moved by your spirit!

Oh, Goddess, I have just LOVED sharing my self-love keys with you, and I would adore your input here: what do YOU do to love yourself? Let me, and your Sisterhood, know in the comments below! Let’s get a discussion circle going and share some ideas!

Until next time…

Yours in self-love,

Aimee xxx

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My Mantra: Breathe.Dream.Create.Love

Namaste Beautiful,


They’re potent!

So perfectly powerful that one of the most transformational experiences I’ve ever had was in the creation of my mantra – my sweet and simple manifesto for my life and business.

A mantra is a set of words (or even just one word) that, when held dear and repeated often can offer radical help in your healing, focussing and manifesting.

Believe me when I say that I have manifested miracles with these four luscious words…


Aimee Angelique

I adore my mantra so absolutely that I have had them printed on these gorgeous singlets and T-shirts that are currently in their last days of pre-sale HERE.

Throughout the pre-sale process I’ve had loads of questions about why I chose these words as my mantra, which inspired me to create this week’s post!

So, here’s the lowdown on my mantra (and why I love it so much):


Learning yogic breathing techniques (Pranayama) was a true lifesaver for me, giving me so much soothing relief to my past anxiety, stress and depression, allowing me to heal deeply and move forward in every aspect of my life.

Now that I teach yoga, I am the honoured witness to the transformative power of breath in my students on a daily basis. I now know this for sure – the world would be a much calmer planet if we all learned about the importance of breathing!

I love taking big, deep, expansive breaths: breathing in love and gratitude, breathing out all that no longer serves me…

I love focussing my breath to create stillness in my mind…



I have been a dreamer ever since I was a little girl and I’ve always felt the natural urge to encourage others to explore and live their dreams!

Envisioning my dreams by using vision boards, visualisation and imagination has been a game-changer in my life. I’ve seen miracles manifested for all those around me who aren’t afraid to believe in themselves and their dreams.

If nothing else, dreaming is serious fun – and who doesn’t want fun! Dare to dream with enough gusto and you’ll learn what I already know to be fact: the Universe WANTS your dreams to come true!


Creation is how we make our dreams and desires into reality – this beautiful unfolding of manifestations is what we’re here for!

Magic happens when you get clear on your dreams, get strategic with how you can bring them to fruition and then just let go…

Meditate on your dreams, seeing their unfolding with your third eye. Envision them. Hold the FEELING this creates in your heart, and recall this feeling often.

Then, watch your creations unfold!


Love begins, and can only begin, with the self. So much of what I’m about is encouraging self love through nourishing, honouring practices and rituals that I know work (because I’ve done them all myself!)

The creation of self-love paves the path to loving your life, loving your relationships and to choosing and feeling love at absolutely every opportunity presented to you, ‘good’ or ‘bad’.

Love is the only truth there is, and its power transforms women into the goddesses they were born to be and has a ripple effect upon all those they adore.

Love is the greatest healer of all. This is something we all know, deep in our bones.

Now that I’ve clarified why I chose my mantra, I truly hope that it inspires you to think about creating your own. My mantra calms me, keeps me centred and reminds me of my path and purpose, and I want that for all of you too, with all of my heart.

Love, gratitude and grace,

Aimee xoxo

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Could Grounding Be Your Solution?

Aimee Angelique

Namaste Beautiful,

There’s so much to cope with in the modern world…

We have so many simultaneous roles to play and so many tasks to juggle that feeling overwhelmed seems almost the norm for so many.

Accumulated stress and anxiety often manifests as a feeling of detachment and disassociation – as our minds reel with our worries and doubts, we lose connection with our bodies and our sense of ‘now’ – forever rehashing past events or projecting ourselves into the future (often in worst case scenarios!)

Luckily, there are some really simple and effective techniques for grounding – reclaiming our connection to our body and the earth while creating presence in the now.

As a yoga teacher and health coach, I find myself recommending grounding exercises to virtually all of my clients and the feedback is always, always positive. Some of the techniques I recommend are so simple that it seems unbelievable that they could ‘work’. But taking the time out to try them, and it’s often just a matter of minutes, almost always yields a soothing centredness that you wouldn’t have thought possible from such minimal effort.

Grounding is not just a solution for stressful times, but an ongoing act of self-love and nourishment. We are, after all, creatures of this Earth and our wellbeing is fuelled by our connection to it: through our bodies, our mindfulness and our sense of presence.

This week, I offer you my 5 favourite grounding techniques with the sincere wish that they contribute to your healing, your soothing and your relief. Honestly, try them… You will be quite surprised!

  1. Step Into Nature – head to the easiest and most nature-filled setting available to you. It doesn’t need to be a lengthy country drive or trip to the mountains – even the nature strip outside your home is effective! With shoes and socks off, stand steadily on the earth, close your eyes and place your attention on your feet and the sensation of their contact with the earth. If it’s safe and appropriate, you may even like to sit or lie down on the earth and focus your mind on the areas where your body is contacting the earth and how soothing that feels. Spend as much time in this mindful space as you can allow.

2. The Grounding Breath – if you’re really wound-up, an instruction to ‘pay attention to your breath’ can feel overwhelming – you might start worrying that you’re breathing too fast, too shallowly, etc…

So, I prefer to suggest controlled breathing techniques to people who are feeling disconnected and panicky. My favourite breathing technique for grounding actually has its origins in military combat, where it is prescribed for stressful situations in battle.

This practice is very, very simple – one round takes only 16 counts, and repeating several rounds often results in profound shifts. I like to practice this technique twice a day, morning and night, for anywhere from 6-10 rounds, using it additionally whenever I feel overwhelmed by mind-chatter or if I encounter a stressful scenario.

It’s so beautifully simple, as many of the greatest healing practices tend to be. One round consists of:

~ Breathe in, through the nose, for the count of 4…
~ Hold your breath for the count of 4…
~ Breathe out, through the nose, for the count of 4…
~ Hold your breath for the count of 4…

A few rounds of Grounding Breath very swiftly calms, soothes and centres, allowing you to focus and be present.

Please note: women who are pregnant or have high blood pressure should not use breathing exercises that involve holding the breath.

  1. Diva Dancing – a good dance party is extremely grounding and centering!

I personally do this practice nearly every day, especially when I am feeling super stressed and homelife is hectic! It shifts the negative energy so quickly! Sometimes you’ve just gotta let your hair down and shake it like Beyonce!  Kids love it too!

Here are some little tweaks and hacks you can use to make your dancing sessions even more fun, including:
Choosing really rhythmic, drum-heavy tunes that get you right out of your mind-chatter and into your body

~ Placing your focus on your lower body, stamping and stomping your feet into the ground

~ Putting in as much effort as you can muster – break a sweat!

  1. Take a Nap – sleep is a magnificent re-setting tool, breaking the momentum of panicky thinking and rejuvenating the body. Even though it sounds ‘lazy’, taking a nap is often the most proactive thing you can do to create ease and soothing when your mind is reeling and you’re feeling disconnected.

5.  Enlist Some Oils – essential oils can have some truly astounding results in calming the mind and returning your connection to your body and the Earth.

Whether I’m inhaling them directly, diffusing them in my space or adding them to an Epsom salt bath, I’ve found the below oil blends to be especially wonderful for returning me to my centre and grounding my energy:

~ Women’s Blend – designed specifically to help relieve heightened emotions, The women’s blend I use is a gorgeous blend of Clary Sage, Lavender, Chamomile and other super soothing botanicals. It is especially useful if your feelings of overwhelm are connected to your menstrual cycle and has offered me amazing relief during premenstrual stress

~ Calming Blend – I use this one to get the very most of my sleep and nap time. I find this formula to be especially calming and renewing and I love its subtle lavender,  woody and floral scent.

~ Grounding Blend – my all-time favourite for grounding, I find that I’m feeling significantly more tranquil the moment I open this bottle! Thanks to the Spruce oil in the formula, it smells airy and fresh and brings me right back into my body. The blend also contains a number of other calming, grounding botanical oils including Frankincense, which is incredible for balancing emotions.

I’ve said this more than once to clients and loved ones alike: ‘When all else fails… Ground…’ These practices are potent, fast and effective and can help you create a steady foundation for true healing in your life.

With love, gratitude and grace,

Aimee Angelique  xx

Feel free to share this post with your family and friends too.

PS: If you are keen to find out more about those beautiful essential oils I mentioned? You can buy them directly from my online shop, or alternatively, create a wholesale account so you can save 25% on your orders. More information on that right here.

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