Do you need help finding clarity and purpose for your life and business?

Join me in Soulpreneurs with other amazing soulful business leaders to help you live your purpose.

As most of my beautiful tribe know from a previous blog , earlier in the year I set out some big goals and intentions for myself , both personally and professionally for 2017. You can read it HERE! This year, I wanted to chase my dreams; follow through on my ideas lists (yes, lists!); find like-minded women and foster the best version of myself and my entrepreneurial spirit! The problem with a busy lifestyle is I could never quite dedicate the time and get clarity about where I wanted to take things this year in my businesses.

When I came across Soulpreneurs a few months ago, I knew I was in the right place. I have found a beautiful tribe of diverse women from all around the world; an amazing community of women who are looking to grow and expand their business and take it to the next level. I’ve been able to meet women who, like me, have big dreams and aspirations and together, we have been given the tools to really work through those blocks that are holding us back, breaking down the barriers and getting called to action in turning business dreams in to business realities!

So, what is Soulpreneurs? It is an amazing course that will help you find clarity and purpose for your business (or even just your business idea!); it will help you re-discover and re-connect, to find your courage and potential and then channel that potential in to establishing your business plan to get things really moving along! With training in business branding, digital platforms, Public Relations and business training, it really is the knowledge and skillset you need to get your business idea off the ground and in my case, take my businesses to the next level.   You can check out the video below to get a full re-cap on Yvette Luciano who is the incredible woman (and creator) behind this amazing program and where it can take you.

As a student of this fab program, I feel so honoured to be asked to be an Ambassador for Soulpreneurs. I know that this program can bring your business dreams to the forefront and give you the skills and bravery to make them a reality. By using my affiliate link to enrol in to Soulpreneurs, I also want to celebrate this amazing step and journey you are about to embark on by offering you a bonus one-on-one bonus 60 minute coaching session. In this personal session (worth over $150), we will set out your personal and business goals and ensure you are practicing self-care along the way to ensure your health, well-being and self-love cup is completely full along your journey!

So what are you waiting for? It’s your time to take the plunge and chase your dreams. I promise you, you won’t regret it.

Sign up to Soulpreneurs HERE! 

Much love and gratitude, Aimee x

Oh and P.S I just wanted to let you know that in this course it’s impossible to ‘fall behind’. Everyone is working it at their own pace.  You download the modules and complete them in your own time.