Yoga for Teen Girls

Yoga for Teen Girls – High School Proposal 

“In the midst of movement and chaos, keep stillness inside of you.” Deepak Chopra

Namaste Beautiful: Yoga for Teen Girls

Namaste Beautiful is a yoga class designed specifically for adolescent development and enrichment. Classes encourage young women to develop self-confidence, self-love and positive body image through awareness and reflection. Namaste Beautiful aims to provide an antidote to the media saturation of conventional beauty standards and empower young women to feel comfortable as whole and valuable people.

Because yoga isn’t just about stretching!

The benefits of yoga for young women are abundant and include:

  • Gentle guidance to help them live in their truth, from the heart
  • Encouragement of mindfulness in daily life
  • Simple strategies for slowing down and unwinding from the pressures of study and peers
  • Easy and positive tools for grounding and centring
  • Connecting and supporting with other young women and in a nurturing and judgement-free environment

The classes are physically challenging and promote a health and wellness outlook that goes beyond the ‘body beautiful’ message that is ingrained in social media today. The lessons focus on physical, mental and spiritual wellbeing; as well as providing the place of belonging and support as adolescent girls navigate the confusing demands of high school and entering adulthood.

Namaste Beautiful seeks to empower girls to feel secure in their own choices and have the confidence to set and achieve their goals.

Aimee Angelique: Course Coordinator

Aimee is a passionate yoga instructor who believes whole-heartedly in creating an environment of nurturing acceptance and exploration for young women. She has created this a dynamic, vibrant, fun-filled class for adolescent girls, which reflects both her experiences as a yoga teacher and as a woman.

“In my experience, the earlier we get on the mat, the better!”


  • Certified Yoga Instructor (Sukha Mukha Yoga Teacher Training)
  • Certified Kids Yoga Instructor (Karma Kids Yoga Teacher Training)
  • Certified Prenatal Yoga Instructor (Katie Manitsas Yoga Teacher Training)
  • Shine From Within Youth Mentor (Shine From Within)
  • Holistic Health Coach Diploma (Institute of Integrative Nutrition)
  • Diploma of Business Management.
  • Acting School – Meisner Technique (The Actors Pulse)

Why Namaste Beautiful?

Adolescence is a time of confusion, challenges and discovery for young people as their brains seek to balance the hormonal developments of puberty with the societal pressures of an increasingly chaotic world.

The immense benefits of yoga and mindfulness in the social, physical and cognitive wellbeing of young people is becoming increasingly apparent.

Adolescents need understanding and guidance as their limbic system and rational thinking develops from the basic functions of survival (anger, bonding and fight or flight) to the higher levels of the cerebral cortex (social interaction, empathy and emotional regulation).

It has been proven that children learn best through modelling and adults who lead by example. Teaching young people social skills, emotional awareness, belonging and secure attachments, not only helps them navigate the challenges of adolescence, but assists them in becoming happy, balanced and healthy adults.

But how can we as educators meet these vital emotional and cognitive needs for our students?

Recent studies have shown that yoga and mindfulness, taught at a young age and throughout schooling, teaches children self-awareness, self-regulation and mindful recognition of the present.

Yoga classes for teen girls differ from adult classes in that they encourage loud, fun, expressive and mindful movement. The meditations, activities and exercises also specifically teach stress management from academic pressures, emotional regulation and developing positive self-talk.

NSW Quality Teaching Model:

Intellectual Quality: Yoga in schools creates a balanced environment which mentally prepares students for the deep knowledge and understanding required for academic success. Studies have proven that yoga increases both concentration and focus which will allow them to access higher-order thinking and prepare them to integrate unusual and problematic ideologies into their thoughts and communications.

Quality Learning Environment: Young people cannot succeed as students or as members of society without a quality learning environment. If young people feel valued and validated, then their participation in classroom discussion and therefore the development of their critical thinking will be enhanced. Yoga classes are a space of social support and student-direction, which allows young women to meet the high expectations of the classroom and develop the confidence to become more active and involved learners.

Significance: Namaste Beautiful yoga classes create connectedness and inclusivity as young women are encouraged to discover their own strengths and individuality as well as learning about others unique experiences and goals. This culture of belonging and accepting allows students to integrate their own background and cultural knowledge into their yogic experiences and this knowledge integration will flow through into their classroom learning.

The Program:

Namaste Beautiful classes run for 50 minutes and incorporate a series of strengthening and restorative postures, student-directed instruction and participation, meditations for relaxation and self-esteem. Students are encouraged to participate verbally in the direction of the classes and reflect verbally on the direction of the classes, creating an environment of inclusivity, social support ad connectedness.


Yoga with Aimee has helped me to control my breathing and helped me to let go of my worries. It has also helped me with my anxiety and I now feel more relaxed and less stressed.” Camryn, 15yrs

I just wanted to say I have been so happy lately and after so long I can finally accept myself and I think yoga is a big part of my journey through acceptance and loving myself and those around me and I wanted to say thank you so much for helping me reach this point. I honestly never thought I would be this happy.” Bianca, 15yrs

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