f1751f_9dbe7e2b173747b794f431f5689e5ed4.jpg_650I’ve taken the powerful journey of pregnancy, birth and motherhood twice over. It’s a wild adventure: blissful, confronting, expanding, terrifying – all at once! Yoga has been a potent healer for me at all stages of motherhood bringing me strength, restoration, grounding, energy and endurance. In the midst of all the uncertainty, overwhelm, bliss, excitement and anticipation of pregnancy, yoga has served me as a stable anchor, enabling me to feel calm, centered and empowered.

I understand the complex emotions and physical sensations that can arise throughout pregnancy, and I also understand the feelings of loneliness that can emerge. Pregnancy Yoga not only nourishes and restores your blossoming body but also supports your heart and soul by encouraging connection between women on the path to parenthood.

My Pregnancy Yoga classes begin with a healing circle; a safe and sacred space for you to share your experiences, ‘good’ and ‘bad’, with like-minded, supportive women. The circle fosters a feeling of tribal community and often leads to beautiful friendships beyond the classroom.

At circle completion, we move through a nourishing self-massage practice and flow through into asana (physical postures), pranayama (therapeutic breathing practices) and yoga nidra (deep relaxation). These classes will help you to safely practice:

  • energising sun salutations,
  • strengthening standing poses,
  • centering balancing poses, and
  • restorative forward bends

We cultivate a smooth focus on the breath during these postures and also devote time to practicing a special energizing and balancing breathing technique. This nurturing practice is a wonderful tool for relaxation during pregnancy and can eventually help you to manage the intense sensations of labour.

The relaxation exercise that concludes the classes gently leads you to an openhearted, trusting space where you can embed positive affirmations for your pregnancy and upcoming birth.

Pregnancy Yoga empowers women with focus, endurance, strength and stamina.

We emerge from Pregnancy Yoga classes feeling nourished, connected, relaxed and rejuvenated.

Words of love:

“I found myself looking forward to ‘yoga day’ during my pregnancy it was a time to relax, connect with my baby, my body and other mothers-to-be.
During my sons birth the breathing techniques Aimee had showed us made my labour easier to manage. Dusty is now 4months and we are still enjoying our yoga together in mums and bubs classes.”
~ Amanda

“I absolutely loved pregnancy yoga and have recommended it to many expecting mothers. Aimee and the other women in this class taught me many need to know’s about becoming a mummy (this being my first time). It’s such a comfortable and supportive place to share your experiences and concerns.
As for the yoga, I found it helped me relax and destress. Aimee was great in showing me different stretches that would target my problem areas.
Both the yoga stretches and breathing techniques most certainly helped me throughout my pregnancy and my labour.
I can’t wait to start the mums and bubs with my little bubba!! Thanks Aimee.”
~ Chelsea