Home Yoga Practice


A home Yoga practice brought to you by Aimee Angelique

Hello and welcome to Breathe Dream Create Love: Home Yoga Practice.

I am Aimee Angelique. I am a yoga teacher, holistic health & lifestyle coach and a youth mentor. I am also a busy working Mama who like most women today, feels like there are more tasks in a day than there are hours!

The Breathe Dream Create Love: Home Yoga Practice is a labour of love and was inspired by my beautiful yoga students who attend my classes all around my home town. A lot of these beautiful women are from RAAF families – who have partners who often go away on deployment. Being busy with young families meant that for some of my students, more often than they would have liked, life and family got in the way of them attending their scheduled yoga class. So often they would ask if there was any way of seeing some of my yoga classes in a video format so they could practice quietly at home, when the little people were tucked away soundly in bed. From here, Breathe Dream Create Love: Home Yoga Practice was created. It is my hope that these videos will provide you with gentle guidance for your practice; that having these videos available to watch in your own time will see you embrace your practice on a more regular basis. But most importantly, it is my hope that you will love them as much as I loved creating them.

What’s included?

45min                  Easy Flow Yoga class

7min                    Goodnight sequence

7min                    Morning Sun Salutation sequence

7min                    Abdominal sequence

10min                  Yoga Nidra


Who is this program for?

This program is perfect for beginners & intermediate yogis/students. Even more advanced yogis will find this at-home program suitable for them – a more gentle and slow practice, bringing the student back to some of the basics of yoga.

Can I do it if I am pregnant?

If you are pregnant or think you might be, this program is not for you as some of the postures & sequences are not recommend during pregnancy. I promise I have some pregnancy friendly online classes coming soon but for now please head to a local yoga studio that specialise in prenatal yoga. (Check out my timetable as I often have Pre-Natal Yoga classes in and around the Newcastle & Port Stephens areas)

Are there any ongoing costs?

How’s this for value? No ongoing cost! Once you have purchased and downloaded the program it is yours for life – no ongoing costs and you can practice anywhere, anytime via your computer, iPad or iPhone. We do ask that you respect the ethics of your purchase and do not share the content with any other persons. The greatest gift you could offer me is a referral of a family member or friend who you feel would benefit from purchasing the Breathe Dream Create Love: Home Yoga Practice.


Price = $59.00 AUD