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I’m a passionate Yogini and heart-centered Mama. I believe that yoga has something to offer everyone and kids are no exception! Yoga has not only changed my life, but has been a source of great joy and nourishment for my children. In my experience, the earlier we get on the mat, the better!
The benefits of yoga for children are abundant and include:
  • Gentle guidance to help them live in their truth, from the heart
  • Encouragement of mindfulness in daily life
  • Simple strategies for slowing down and unwinding
  • Easy, fun tools for grounding and centering
  • Socialising with other kids and families in a nurturing environment

With all this in mind, I have created ‘Happy Little Yogis’; a dynamic, vibrant, fun-filled class for children from 18 months (and their parents, too!)

Happy Little Yogis classes are designed to help your little ones develop self-confidence and self-love through self-awareness.

The classes are physically energetic and animated to begin, incorporating exciting elements of music, dance, drama and lots of active imagination!

We then slow down our flow to emphasise breathing, relaxation and intuition.

Happy Little Yogis classes are full of fun, profound lessons on love, respect and connection with people, nature, animals and our beautiful world.

Because yoga isn’t just for grown-ups!


FAQ: What are the benefits of committing to a full term of yoga?
In my experience, children love routine and structure. If children are attending regular yoga classes it will build their self-esteem and help them gain greater confidence with the physical aspects of yoga and help them develop balance, strength and body awareness. It also helps their concentration, focus and attention. Regular yoga classes and routine will also help them develop personal tools for stress management which will help them feel safe more relaxed and calm.

Services & Classes:

  • Aimee teaches Happy Little Yogis classes at a number of preschools in Newcastle, Port Stephens and Maitland.
  • Aimee is also available for private, semi-private and small group sessions.
  • Birthday Parties: Celebrate with a Happy Little Yogis Birthday Party!

Preschool,  private, semi-private and small group sessions: 

Happy Little Yogis is also mobile! If you’re interested in having the Happy Little Yogis program at your child’s playgroup, daycare, pre-school or even just getting a bunch of children & families together at home, contact us to discuss your needs. Please email aimee@aimeeangelique.com for more information.

Birthday Parties: 

Celebrate your birthday with a fun-filled yoga party. We provide the yoga mats, props and music for a unique birthday party for your little one. Parties can be held weekdays or weekends at a venue of your choice. Please email aimee@aimeeangelique.com for more information.

School Holiday Events:

Happy Little Yogis workshops are held regularly in School Holidays & are a great holiday outlet for kids, Mums & Dads, Grandparents & Caregivers, alike!   Keep an eye on our Facebook page & the website for updates on class timetables.  You might also like to subscribe to our newsletter to keep up-to-date on the latest from Aimee Angelique & Happy Little Yogis.

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Happy Little Yogis with Aimee Angelique

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