Self-care Sunday with Nat Kringoudis (& my bestie)

Last Sunday, I had the most perfect ‘self-care Sunday’. I spent the day in the company of my bestie, finally getting our lady date (child free = FREEDOM! LOL!) and together we attended Nat Kringoudis’ ‘The Wellness Collective’ Roadshow event held here in Newcastle.

For those that aren’t familiar with Nat, she is an amazing doctor in Chinese medicine, acupuncturist, author, speaker and all-round natural fertility expert. She is also the founder of Melbourne women’s health clinic, The Pagoda Tree, and producer of HealthTalks TV.

Nat is someone who’s work I have followed for quite a while now and it was such an amazing experience to meet her in person and see her passionately bring her words of wisdom to a roomful of women, all there keen to learn more about their health, well-being and particular, hormones.

Nat’s words and teachings at this event really resonated with me and were a timely reminder that I’m the mastermind of my own health & well-being! And that just one, new thing at a time can have such a powerful effect. This is so important because so often we get caught up on making ALLLLL the changes and become overwhelmed and throw it all in before we even really began. Taking the time to make just one change at a time is critical to making long and lasting impacts on our own health and well-being.

We covered the big influences that impact on our hormones including:

Environment: clutter; the feeling of our home; air quality in and outside the home; stress in our lives; relationships;

Diet: Food as a benefit or defeciet; finding balance; not putting ourselves in to a particular box i.e. I’m paleo or I’m vegan; changes to our diet has a big impact on our health and wellness as a whole

Lifestyle: So busy being busy; stress and its impact and disruption to our gut health and hormones; the habits that come with stress and being ‘busy’;

Genetics: People’s predisposition to certain syndromes (i.e. PCOS); lifestyle turning ‘on’ the genetic factors; that your size and symptoms might be telling you what is going on internally with your health & hormones.

We then covered how we go about resolving so many of our health and hormone complaints by healing our gut, detoxing our liver,  adding in a range of suggested vitamins and supplements; probiotics and small amounts of fermented foods; limiting diary, gluten and sugar within the diet. Whilst a lot of this information were practices I already have in place for myself, I know my beautiful friend really gained a lot from the event and has plans to start implementing some of the suggested vitamins and supplements to assist with wellness and fertility.

Nat is a wealth of knowledge and if hormone health is something you’re interested in or struggling with – she is the woman to check out! She has some amazing blogs, webinars and programs and many words of wisdom and I hope you enjoy her teachings as much I have.

Much love, Aimee x

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