Renewal and reflection

In the days after Christmas has come and gone and I am in that space between Christmas and the new year. Where everything slows down after the big Christmas rush and I get confused on what day and time it is. This is the time where I give myself permission to slow down, to review and reflect on my commitments, the year that has been and what the future holds. Do you do this too?

I sure I am not the only one who starts to question life, the future, my goals, what I am passionate about, how I want the new year to look and feel. I have personally found it brings up many different emotions (doubt, guilt, hope, joy, wonder, awe and the list goes on). I also find myself looking out and sometimes without me having control of it. I let self-judgment and self- criticism come up. I start to compare myself to others and judge myself. My ego has a field day!

Have you ever felt or experienced any of these things? How do you cope? What do you do to overcome these feelings and emotions?

2017 saw renewed connection with family and embracing what is most important to me. There was a big surrender and release of things that were not serving me and my family.

Some of you will know that my eldest daughter, Isabelle started Kindergarten (unexpectedly) in mid-2017 which meant lots of big life changes for my family.

Once she started and we got into the new routine of school (early mornings, lunch box prep, breakfast, school run etc you know #mumlife #dadlife) I knew there was a big shift coming. I could feel it. I wasn’t sure how it was going to unfold but intuitively I could feel it brewing.

A few weeks into our new “school life” I knew the change had come when my daughter said, “Mummy I never get to see you anymore”. I felt her words deep inside and my heart broke listening to her speak her truth.

In that moment I knew I needed to make some more big changes. Being a yoga teacher that was out 4-6 nights a week teaching classes no longer served me or my family. I needed to be home with them. I needed to be there to pick up my daughter from school. To help support her when she was tired and emotional after such a big day. I needed to be there at dinner time and be there to bath her, read her a story, tuck her into bed. The truth was I just needed to be there. Even if it wasn’t always easy. Even if there were emotional outburst that were challenging to manage. It was very clear to me. I just needed to be a mum and be there for my little girl. I could no longer justify being out at night teaching yoga and helping to support others when my family needed me at home. Honestly, I felt like a hypocrite; I was out “teaching” mindfulness and I wasn’t being mindful at home with my own family.

I decided it was time to close the doors of my beloved yoga studio to be a mum for my girls. Although it was a hard and very emotional decision it felt so right (and still does) and I felt so clear.

I still have people contact me and come up to me in my local town asking about my yoga classes and I just politely reply by saying I am no longer teaching public yoga classes right now as it wasn’t working for my family. I sometimes get strange looks and people not understanding why I would do something like that but then I have also had many people thank me for giving them the permission they needed to make similar changes for their family.

As it always happens when one door closes another opens…

As I worked through surrendering and letting go of my studio I felt there was something else coming in. And it was! I started a doTERRA essential oils business. I will talk more about this in future posts (or you can read about it here) but it has been a decision that I am super grateful for. I am working with a wonderful group of women (and a couple of men) who are so supportive and passionate. I get to be there when my family needs me and enjoy the benefits of mother natures amazing oily gifts every day.

Aside from these massive shifts here are some other things I have experienced, achieved and learnt from in 2017.


I completed a 12-month spiritual mentor program with my beautiful teacher of over 10 years Lynette. You can learn more about that here.

I devoured the Soulpreneurs online course and attended the Soulpreneurs Winter Retreat in Byron Bay for some much-needed soul sister time with one of my besties, Kim. During this retreat I met some other wonderful women and personally connected with my beautiful friend and mentor Yvette Luciano whom I am now lucky enough to be working with 1-on-1 with our collaborative doTerra Business.

I started dancing again and for the first time in over 7 years and I performed on stage! This caused me so much anxiety (which I will do a separate post on “Facing fears + coping with Anxiety” soon) but at the same time I loved being able to enjoy expressing myself through dance again… There’s nothing like it!

I kept one of my health goals that I made for 2017 and had monthly (sometimes fortnightly) chiropractic adjustments to keep my body aligned and healthy.

I devoured many, many podcasts to help keep me educated, inspired and I absorbed as much information I could.


Happy Little Yogis – wow!

What a massive year for Happy Little Yogis. I am still calculating exactly how many kids I have personally taught this year, but I know it is 500+ which makes me so proud!

I also recently facilitated and taught my first Happy Little Yogis – Kids yoga teacher training for school teachers, yoga teachers and parents which was very well received and had some awesome feedback written about it.

I filmed my first online yoga program, Breathe Dream Create Love – Home Yoga Practice.

I successfully facilitated two (sold out!) Holistic Health & Yoga Retreats in Kangaroo Valley with my love, Gavin and a good friend of ours, Amanda Christensen.


I have run lots of successful school workshops for tween and teen girls.

Plus coached a few selected women 1-on-1. (Doors are now open for my 1-on-1 women’s coaching program if you would like to know more please click here.

Reflecting on the year that has and been and Setting intentions for the year ahead.

Everything you have read so far is taken from my annual reflection and intention setting ritual, you may like to try this for yourself, so I have outlined the process below along with my intentions for 2018. You are welcome to use my process, but all feel free to adapt it and do what calls to you.

My reflection ritual

My ritual is pretty simple; over the past couple of nights, once my girls are in bed, I will get a notepad or journal and just start reflecting and brain dump everything I can think of from the year that I feel is worth taking note on (this was the first part of today’s post). Side note – I’ve run out of journal space, so I literally just bought a simple, daggy $2 notepad and got started. So, don’t let “I don’t have the perfect journal” be an excuse not to do this.

First, I give thanks.

“Dear Universe, God, Angels, Guides, Ancestors and Fairies, (or whatever feels right and resonates with you)

Thank you for a beautiful 2017. I have really enjoyed my year of growth and lessons. I have enjoyed learning, observing and feeling more about myself. Thank you for the lessons. Thank you for the support. Thank you for your guidance. Thank you for your love. “

Next, I begin writing a gratitude list and it kind of all flows from there. I list everything I have achieved and how it made me feel. It’s nothing overly pretty or fancy but I just simply give myself space to reflect and honour. Trying not to get caught up in any disappointments or regrets. Seeing things more as an experience to grow.

And I don’t beat myself up if I haven’t achieved something I wanted to. I simply honour it wasn’t the perfect time.

After taking time to honour the year that has been I move on to setting my intentions for the year ahead.

2017 taught me that I want to focus on breathing, feeling and waiting for signs from the universe as to what is right for me and my family; rather than racing out and achieving things with a fear of missing out. I am letting go and surrendering, allowing my plans for the year ahead to be loose and adaptable.

This year has been a little different to previous years. Where I would normally create big mammoth goals and to-do lists; I have just simply written a list on how I want to “feel” in 2018 and jotted down a few potential goals without attachment to the outcome.

In 2018 I want to feel:

At Peace
At ease
Financially free
Pain free
Like a Goddess!

I am also really working on simplifying my life.


Here are some mantras my teacher and mentor Lynette and I developed for me to work with for the year ahead…

“I am not going to rush and make any decisions. I am going to wait for the signs and the feelings.”

“I need to see how this can work for me and my family”

“I am enough”

“I have the answers within me”

“I am guided”

“I am connected”

“I am graceful”

“I am Feminine”

My relaxed intentions for 2018


My professional goals for 2018 will be focused around Happy Little Yogis and my doTerra essential oils business. But I am open to what is right for me and my family.


Move my body – my body and mind are craving it!

I intend to exercise & walk in nature more. Since closing my yoga studio, I have really felt I have pulled back from yoga (adult yoga) and movement in general and it’s something I feel I need to bring back in. (more on this in a future blog post).

Cleanse and heal my gut.

I needed antibiotics 6 weeks ago as I was really unwell with bronchitis. Every time I have been on antibiotics my body reacts i.e. my eczema flairs up, I experience inflammation in my joints, plus I feel my gut needs to go through a cleanse and to heal. I will need to laser focus in on this in the year ahead.

Be more present and have more quality time with my family.

Have better boundaries

Rest and sleep more.

Be organised and have more structure in family life.

Continue to read more books, listen to Podcasts and watch documentaries.

I want to always be learning and absorbing as much information as I can.

Those of you who have read my posts in previous years (you can read last years post here) will know that this list is a much more relaxed feeling centred list of intentions than I have done in the past. But it feels lighter, open to so much possibility and right for me and my family at this time.

How can we connect in 2018?


In 2018 I will be devoting extra time to essential oils education and coaching so if you love essential oils and/or want to know how you can use them to support you and your family physically, spiritually and emotionally then please get in touch or head here to read more about joining me in doTerra. I used essential oils daily to support myself and my family throughout the past 12 months. The oils I used most in 2017 were Frankincense, Easy Air, OnGuard and Lavender. In the coming year I will share more on how I use my oils each day and how you can use them for extra support in your life. My friend Shunanda has created an aromatic anchoring oil blend for 2018 (please see below) that totally inspired me to create my own (please find mine below also).

Shunanda’s 2018 Aromatic Anchoring Oil Blend
Rose – Love
Spikenard – Gratitude
Melissa – Joy
Sandalwood – Presence
Wild orange – Abundance

Aimee’s 2018 Aromatic Anchoring Oil Blend

Frankincense – Truth
Ylang Ylang – Inner Child
Wild orange – Abundance
Balance – Grounding

Plus I am also obsessed with my new Rose Oil – Divine Love


More workshops will be announced throughout the year so please join my mailing list to be the first to hear about them.

Back to School Workshop for Tween & Teen Girls (Late Jan 2018 at Organic Feast, East Maitland)

AcroYoga Workshop with Gavin (late Jan 2018 at YogaBodyWorks)

Happy Little Yogis – Kids Yoga Teacher Training for school teachers, yoga teachers and parents (Late Feb 2018 at YogaBodyWorks)

Work directly with me

I have a limited amount of 1:1 coaching for women doors are  now open for 2018. Please click here to learn more about the program.

That’s a wrap for 2017. Bring on an amazing and abundant 2018 for us all.

Thanks for reading beautiful.

Love Aimee xoxo

P.S. What has been a key takeaway from 2017 for you? What are your intentions for the year ahead?

Head on over to Facebook and share them with me.



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