Power Process : Manifestation Boards + a Luscious Invitation

Aimee AngeliqueHey Beautiful,

Yep! It’s that time again!

The time that I love immersing myself in my goals and visions for the year ahead!

Have you ever created a manifestation board?

I can tell you from first-hand experience that they truly, truly work.

Manifestation boards are an amazing tool for getting clear on what you desire, creating a visual representation of those desires and letting the Magic manage the rest.

Whether you go old-school and paste clipped out images from magazines onto heavy cardboard or get online-savvy and use Pinterest or Photoshop to visualise your dreams, your manifestation board will move mountains in your life!

So, how do they work?

Well, the alchemy begins simply by focussing on what you really want.

We spend so much of our precious time worrying about how to solve problems or dwelling on our perceived ‘misfortunes’ that simply calling your focus towards a positive representation of what your heart desires is a BIG GEAR SHIFT!

It means that you’re shifting your mind-energy into the realms of dreams and possibilities… Tuning into your passion, enthusiasm and bliss!

Not only that, but you’re left with a clear visual representation of what you want – something that you can gaze at blissfully each day, without resistance, and let the miracles unfurl!

There are SO many ways to approach your creation of your manifestation board.

I’ve literally made dozens over the years and I’ve discovered some big and exciting ‘shortcuts’ along the way: tips and tools for getting clear fast and releasing resistance easily and joyfully.

I’m actually so hooked on manifestation boards that I’ve heard the call to hold an intensive workshop on this very subject! I would LOVE it if you’d join me! (Details below).

Whether you’re able to attend the workshop or not, I really want to share some of my favourite tips for creating a sleek, joyous and effective manifestation board.

I want everyone in the WORLD to create these representations of Magic and just see what unfolds!

Seriously – set aside a few hours as soon as you can, steep a pot of deliciously sweet chai, burn some sense-delighting essential oils and get creative!

The process in and of itself is so much fun that it’s worthwhile simply because it feels so good! But remember, there’s power in your creation – check it out daily, let yourself daydream and float softly in the possibility and know that moment-to-moment your deepest desires ARE manifesting!

My Manifestation Board Power Process 
  1. How do you want to FEEL?
    What words describe the way you want to FEEL by the end of 2016? How would it FEEL to achieve all you desire by New Years Day 2017? Get out a pen and paper and allow words to flow onto the page. Get gritty and real – there are no wrong answers to these questions!
  2. Work out your categories
    Think about the really important areas of your life that you want to work some Magic on in 2016.
    Career? Money? Creativity? Travel? Study? Relationships? Wellness? Spirituality?
    This is YOUR board and YOUR focus – you might choose to create a board on one area of your life and focus there, or get really holistic and cover all territory! It’s all up to you!
  3. Choose your medium and gather your supplies
    Are you going old-school with the clip and paste? Grab your cardboard, glue and magazines!
    Are you choosing virtual? Set up your Pinterest account or Photoshop document!
    I actually love both methods of boarding – old-school is so engaging and intuitive- there’s something so satisfying about the physical act of snipping, pasting and creating.
    But if you’re online, the world’s your oyster – you can find images of just about ANYTHING you could dream up!
  4. Link your desires to your categories and get to work!
    You can approach this two ways…
    If you’re playing old-school, you can flip through your magazines and tear out pages containing images that excite your soul.
    If you’re hitting this up online, you can search for whatever you choose!
    The important thing is to select images that really resonate with you, that call your inner Goddess to sing!
    Link up your desired feelings to specific images – what would visually represent, for example, your desire to feel vital and beautiful in your body? For one woman, it might be an image of a beautiful yogini in a perfectly executed asana. For another, it might be a rushing waterfall or tranquil beach scene.
    Don’t get too ‘thinky’ about it – just let your soul guide you through your eyes!
  5. Organise your board
    If I’m creating a ‘holistic’ board, I like to split it up into categories visually – a section for health, one for love, one for money, one for travel, etc… When I use Pinterest, I create a separate board for each area.
    Again – no right or wrong here, just create something that works for you and that’s easy to gaze at daily!
  6. Paste/Post/Pin
    Set this thing up!
    Get pasting!
    Get posting!
    Get pinning!
    Remember – you don’t have to agonise over a perfectly executed, artistic board! There’s no pressure here!
    Just get those images down in a way that appeals to YOU!
  7. Gaze, gaze, gaze!
    Whether you position your board somewhere in your home that you’ll see every day (the bathroom mirror or shower door are fantastic choices!) or as a virtual visual feast on your Pinterest boards or desktop image, commit to gazing at your manifestation board, even if it’s just for a few minutes each day.
    You might like to create some affirmations to voice while you’re gazing, or burn your favourite essential oil each time you devote yourself to your vision. Get as many of your senses engaged as possible! Create the connections!

Ohhhhhh, I really do love manifestation boards so much, and I’m super-keen to hear about your experiences with them. Tell me all about you and your visions in the comments and lets get a sacred sharing circle going on this one! And if you’ve never done this before, please nourish yourself by doing it this year!

Seriously, you’ll be amazed!

Much love and gratitude,

Aimee xxx

workshop: creatE your 2016 MANIFESTATION BOARD (date TBC)

We will begin our afternoon workshop with a sacred women’s circle followed by a guided manifestation meditation (to get you thinking about your dreams, intentions and visions for 2016 and beyond).

We will then get out creative juices flowing and create our own personalised manifestation board (to take home).

 All materials are included in the price plus a heathy afternoon tea.

To register  your interest in this workshop please email aimee@aimeeangelique.com

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