My top 10 tips for detoxing this Spring!

Spring Detox

Can you feel that? Slowly but surely, our dreary winter is shifting and making way for beautiful Spring-time.

Its time to pack away our slow cookers, winter flannelette sheets and heavy blankets to make time for lighter meals, lighter clothing. I find Spring to be such a great time of year – gorgeous flowers are starting to bloom, the smell of fresh cut grass and the warmth of the sun on your skin. It’s this time of year that I also like to ‘lighten up’ and undertake a light detox to nourish and nurture my body.

To help you get ready for Spring, I’ve set out my favourite tips for detoxing your body. Let me know how you feel in the next few weeks by leaving your comments below or by contacting me via Facebook or Instagram – I love hearing from my beautiful followers.

  1. Drink lots of water

Now I know we hear this so much – you need to drink at least 2L of water a day – but honestly, this is my number one tip in any detox (and for every day!).

I love my water and drink between 2-3L a day. This means that my skin, hair and nails remain nourished; my organs, particularly my kidneys are flushing out any toxins and waste in my system and my water intake assists with maintaining a healthy weight. Try adding a slice or two of fresh lemon to a glass of water first thing each day! And if you don’t love water, try a few things to improve your intake. It might be drinking water from your favourite wine glass, buying a nice new water bottle or even add fresh fruit to infuse with your water.


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  1. Move your body

Get outside today and take part in a local yoga class; grab the family and the furbabies and go for a lovely afternoon walk; call up your bestie and head along to a local bootcamp.

Get out and about in the sun – run, walk, swim – whatever makes YOU feel amazing and gets your body moving. Your health, family & furbabies will thank you for it. Before you know it, this will become part of your daily routine and your health will reap the benefits.

  1. Schedule in some downtime

Life. It’s darn busy these days. Between our family life, work, school, homework, sports, social life; there’s not a lot of time left for just being you. It’s not always easy but where you can, don’t make life so ‘busy’.

It’s not something I get to do every day, but allocating some downtime for ‘me’ wherever possible is critical to making sure this mamma stays on the straight and narrow.

I try to head to bed at the earliest possible opportunity (which doesn’t always happen); take naps with my girls if I need it (the laundry will still be there tomorrow!); soak in a Epsom salt bath with some Essential oils; enjoy a hot cup of tea. Whenever I can I also practice a quick meditation and some relaxing yoga poses.

  1. Practice your self love

We are all our own biggest critic and unfortunately, us women can be downright cruel and harsh on ourselves. Turning around a negative mindset or poor body image takes time – and love – but it is most definitely possible.

Ask yourself – if you heard your bestie saying the things about herself, her life and her body that you say inside your head, what would your response be?

            ‘I am fat / I am overweight / I am ugly…..’

“You are beautiful. How about I help you make some changes to help you feel better about yourself?”

‘I’d be happier if I was thinner / richer / more successful’

“You’re a great person, friend, mother, partner. You have an amazing life and are surrounded by people who think the world of you. What can I do to help you see how amazing you are to me?”

 Sounds familiar right? If your bestie said these things out aloud to you, you would be worried about her; you’d do your best to re-assure her that she isn’t all those bad and negative things she thinks about herself. So. It’s now time to talk to yourself and love yourself just like you would a friend. Practice some self love each day. If you have a negative thought about your body, life, relationships – stop for a moment and reflect on it. Why am I thinking like this? How am I feeling in this moment? Replace the negative thoughts with some positive ones. Yes, it’s true we all have bad days. But especially on our bad days, I personally feel it is super important to be gentle with ourselves and practice self love. 

  1. Find a local Naturopath

A local Naturopath is a great place to obtain the right tools to ensure your Spring detox sees a lighter and happier you.

Your Naturopath will provide help and guidance with herbs, supplements and probiotics suitable for your specific body type and your detox.

  1. Detox Your House
  • Opening up the windows and allowing the home to breathe
  • Diffuse uplifting essential oils
  • Lighting some fresh beeswax or soy candles
  • Freshen up the bedding and linen
  • Remove harsh chemicals and cleaning products and replace one at a time with a more natural product
  • Plant some fresh herbs in the garden and a few indoor plants – the family will love it and the indoor plants help purify the air
  1. Remove the Clutter & get organised

Clutter is crippling. When our home feels out of control, it manifests in other areas of our life. Kitchen a mess – who wants to cook in that? Can’t find your diary or Day Planner – always running late and forgetting appointments. Kids school bags cluttering up the hallway. Washing piling up? You get the picture and for sure, we’ve all been there.

With those storm clouds clearing, now is a great time to take charge and get things back on track. Start small. Tackle a room at a time. Don’t take on too much and involve the family where you can. I find making a list of what I want to achieve and marking it off helps me feel like I’m conquering the clutter!

Hot tip… one of my favourite books is “The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up” by Marie “KonMari” Kondo. Her techniques may be challenging for some but seriously life changing!!

  1. Digital Detox

Now this one isn’t easy. So much of our life and time is now spent on digital devices. Our mobile phones are now an extension of our everyday. They house our contacts, our day planners, our Facebook connections.

For some, a digital detox might be a complete removal from the social world. For others, just practicing mindfulness of the time spent on their devices is enough.

I have personally found this to be extremely challenging with running a business online but it is something I am currently working on. I recommend popping the phones up on the airplane mode at a certain time during the evening, maybe dinner time and leaving them switched off until morning. Instead of being distracted engage fully with your partner and your family. Maybe do some light yoga or meditation, watch a television show or documentary together, play a board game together, put the kids to bed and have some quality 1:1 time with your partner and re-connect. You will come to value this time so much that it won’t be long and you won’t even notice your phone is missing from you.

  1. Reconnect

Having healthy relationships is a huge part of feeling light, healthy and loved. If there’s a relationship in your life that needs some love and care, think about ways in which you can nurture it and actively take the time to do so. Reconnecting with your partner; children; family or friends (or sometimes, all of the above) returns love and fulfillment to your heart. Make plans with your loved ones – sometimes a family picnic or a catch up over a chai tea or green juice with an old friend can make you feel like a million dollars.

  1. A good old fashioned grocery shop!

Now this one is very much a practical one BUT one of the most important to a successful cleanse. Check the pantry and the fridge and clean out any products that are out of date. If your pantry is anything like mine used to be, there’s at least 3 or 4 cans of food in there that will never be eaten. If yours is like this, donate them to your local homeless charity. Not only will you have cleared some precious pantry space, you will feel great about helping someone in need.

Next, look for some detox recipes and plan out some meals for yourself and your family. I personally recommend anything by Jessica Sepel who is a Nutritionist and best selling health author. Her recipes are super easy and so tasty!

Write the shopping list and hit the supermarket. My family and I love heading to our local Organic grocers; the Farmer’s Markets (if time permits) and also love purchasing through our local food co-op.

Fill a jug with some filtered water to sip on throughout the day; pop the fresh fruit in a bowl on the top shelves where it will be seen much more often and not forgotten about in the dreaded veggie drawer where the kids will never look. Having a fridge and pantry full of fresh and healthy produce will have you feeling good in no time.

I’ll soon have some of my favourite smoothie recipes up on the blog so be sure to check back regularly – these are perfect for anyone undertaking a light detox. All the best with your detox beautiful women – I can’t wait to hear how you’re feeling over the next few weeks.

With love & light,

Aimee x

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