Women’s Circle

Aimee Angelique

Women’s Circle with Aimee Angelique

At the very core of our being is the absolute need to connect with others. Our deepest desire is to create relationships that enrich, nourish and support our spiritual foundations.

Our innate strength and survival as people has always come from our relationships with those around us; and finding that group, that tribe who inspire us, challenge us and encourage us is key to both our emotional and spiritual well-being.

Do you often feel:

  • Physically tired and emotionally drained?
  • Withdrawn and disconnected from everyone around you?
  • Alone – even when surrounded by people?
  • Like you never do enough or never have enough?

I’m a partner, mother, friend, daughter and an IIN certified Holistic Health & Lifestyle Coach and Yoga Instructor. I am an artist, entertainer, dreamer and most importantly, a self-love advocate.

I believe in helping others to be the best version of themselves and seeing those around me at their brightest and most radiant self.

As a holistic health coach and yoga instructor I have recently felt called to focus my attention on hosting a sacred women’s circle as I believe it is so powerful and healing for women to sit in a sacred circle to support, inspire and connect to each other.

On the first Friday of every month an intimate group of women will meet to share experiences, draw wisdom from one another and explore the joyful connection that comes from forming a meaningful and supportive community.

If you would like to join us for this beautiful evening please contact aimee@aimeeangelique.com

Location: TBC

When:  New dates to be released soon

Time: TBC

Investment: TBC

To book your place click HERE. 

{Please note there is a $2.50 transaction fee on credit card and Paypal payments. If you would prefer to transfer into my account please email me for details.}

Please note:
+ Bookings are essential as space is limited
+ This evening is open to all women. No men, or children under the age of 16. (If you are a mother to a young baby still feeding and wish to join please contact me to discuss).
+ Wear comfy clothes as we will be sitting on the ground in circle for the evening.

Please contact me at aimee@aimeeangelique.com if you have any questions or if you would like to book in.

Looking forward to sharing these evenings with you.

Much love and gratitude, Aimee X

P.S Here is a little sneak peek from our last women’s circle….

Women's Circle with Aimee Angelique

Women's Circle with Aimee Angelique

Women's Circle with Aimee Angelique