10 things to do now you have your oils

Hello and welcome beautiful! I am so excited to have you joining me on this oily journey.

So you are here because either myself or one of my team and sent you this link because you have taken the leap and bought your first oils and started your journey. Well done beautiful, I couldn’t be more excited to have you here!

So in my personal experience over the past 3 years of using these beautiful oils and sharing them with women just like you I have found it can be a little overwhelming getting started and once your oils have been delivered it can be a little overwhelming so I have created 10 simple steps for you to take to help get you stared with your oily lifestyle.

1. Empower and educate yourself: ok firstly, you wanna really empower yourself and learn everything you can and believe me when I say there is so much info and resources out there which can make things a little overwhelming so start off slowly. Here’s what I recommend….

6. Join our Facebook Groups: We have a few Facebook Groups which you are welcome to join. These are really helpful places with lots of resources and inspiration. You can also ask your oily questions and get really helpful and friendly advice.

7. Learn more about doTerra and the company: 
Official dōTERRA Product Tips Blog
Official dōTERRA YouTube Channel
Official dōTERRA Pinterest Page
Official dōTERRA Facebook Page
Official doTerra Australian website   

8. Set up your Loyalty Rewards Program (LRP): Not sure what doTerra’s LRP is? Here is a 2 minute video that explains our awesome Loyalty Rewards Program. Also one of our beautiful cross line sisters, Alice from The whole Daily created a really helpful document about our LRP HERE.  Wanna set up your LRP? There is a great tutorial on the doTERRA university website to help get you started and set up click >> HERE << .

Some of my personal favourites that I add to my LRP either monthly or bi-monthy are the following:
~ doTerra Shampoo and Conditioner
~ doTerra Toothpaste
~ doTerra Foaming Hand Wash
~ doTerra LLV (Lifelong Vitality) supplements (P.S did you know they are TGA approved? Check out the info HERE!)
~ doTerra Skincare and Spa collection 

9. Set up a Wellness Consultation with either myself (or the person who enrolled you). Once you have your  oils please reach out to me or the person who enrolled you to book in your complimentary  30-minute wellness consult and welcome call.

10. Would you like to share the oil love with your friends and family? If YES! Please contact me (or the person who enrolled you) to book in a a time to host a class so you can share the oily love with your family and friends. They are the best FUN!

I hope this information has helped serve you and made everything a little easier getting started.

Welcome again to the oily lifestyle… much love Aimee Angelique x