Essential Oils

Aimee Angelique


It’s already there…

Deep in your bones like shining diamonds…

Flowing in your blood like sparkling rubies…

It’s the wisdom of your elders and ancestors, the knowing that brought you into being and keeps you here to grow, expand and thrive…

You are a Goddess…
You are a Medicine Woman!

The art of healing is in your nature, in your very cells. You have the innate wisdom to soothe and nourish yourself, your children, your loved ones into full flourish.

It’s already there…

You nourish, and are nourished, with scrumptious wholefoods.

You move your body in ways that bring joy, grace, expansion and strength.

You hydrate optimally, creating cleansing flow.

You soothe your restless mind with the deep healing of meditation, and feed that same mind with pure and devoted affirmations.

You care for yourself and your loved ones so beautifully!

The only new action required to activate your deep, inner knowing is to equip yourself with an effective healing toolkit: your Medicine Pouch.

The cosy, inviting smell of slow-cooked vegetable soup on the simmer…

The heavenly aroma of fresh bread as you stroll past the bakery at dawn…

The rich spice of your lover’s aftershave…

The fragrant bouquet of the flower markets…

The grounding scent of the incense burning as you set foot into your first yoga class…

Fragrance is so deeply evocative and emotional…

Yogic wisdom associates our sense of smell with the first chakra; Muladhara… Our roots, foundations and grounding in this world.

Our sense of smell is directly connected to the brain via the limbic system, which is mostly involved in emotional and motivational functions and memory triggers. That’s why just a tiny whisp of scent can transport us back in time to forgotten moments, project us into expanding futures and create deep and ultimate presence.

Scent is one of our deepest healers.

I still remember the delicate perfume of the little Lavender pillow that was so lovingly placed over my eyes during the Savasana practice at the end of my very first yoga class. That very evening, I dreamed of the scent of Lavender, and it pulled me towards my next class… And my next… And the one after that…

I soon began sprinkling a few drops of Lavender oil on my pillow before bed, which calmed and relaxed me… Lavender became my greatest friend and ally at a time of great anxiety; soothing my insomnia and my feelings of panic and bringing solace, strength and sustenance.

To this day, my go-to ‘recipe’ for self-love is to light candles, play some gorgeous music and run a warm Epsom salt bath with a sprinkle of Lavender!

The soft, gently enveloping perfume of this beautiful purple blossom was, essentially, my introduction to my healing path.

That’s how powerful scent is.
As a yoga teacher and health coach, I’ve noticed that the most common ‘stuff’ my beloved clients are dealing with is ultimately emotional:
  • Stress…
  • Anxiety…
  • Depression…
These feelings can manifest in so many ways, including:
  • Insomnia
  • Headaches and migraines
  • Poor immunity
  • Lowered energy and vitality
  • Body aches and pains
  • Mood fluctuations

Since our bodies are so effected by emotion, healing through scent, and thereby directly benefiting our brains via the limbic system, makes perfect sense.

It was my own deeply transformative results with Lavender that led me to researching the benefits of botanical essential oils for myself, my loved ones and my clients, and what I found out has truly amazed me!

The plant world is simply awe-inspiring…

In true display of the wonder of Mother Nature, plants contain aromatic compounds that help them to heal themselves from infection and injury, attract friendly insects and ward of pests. Volatile, or essential, oil compounds are found in the roots, leaves, bark, flowers and fruits of all plants and serve to keep them healthy and flourishing.

Perhaps the most magical thing is that careful extraction of these precious plant oils can benefit us in the very same ways that they benefit the plants! We can not only receive the benefits of essential oils via our sense of smell, but they also yield fantastic results when applied to the skin!

In fact, essential oils not only benefit us on a physical, cellular level, but are also potent and precious remedies for emotion and spirituality, as well as offering sumptuous, scentual delight to our living spaces and personal care.

I’ve now truly embraced essential oils as critical components of my own Medicine Pouch – the tools I use to soothe and nourish myself, my loved ones and my clients. I use them in my diffuser at home, in my office, in my car and at the yoga studio… I add them to my personal care products, and I even create my own healthy, eco-friendly home cleaning products with them! Sometimes I simply rub a few drops of either a single essential oil or a blend into the palms of my hands and inhale deeply and mindfully. It seems like every day I’m finding more and more ways to incorporate these wonderful remedies into my world!

Since bringing essential oils into my life, I’ve discovered that:

  • Rosemary is an extraordinary skin tonic, not only yielding fantastic improvements in monthly fluid retention, but rather radically reducing the appearance of cellulite!
  • Lemongrass is an amazing air purifier and energy clearer – my home has never felt so good!
  • Cedarwood and Sandalwood are deeply grounding, perfect foundation scents for when I’m feeling anxious or flighty
  • Citrus oils like Grapefruit, Orange and Lemon are so wonderfully uplifting that I’m not sure how I lived without them!
  • And, of course, Lavender remains my true essential oil love – like a warm, cosy hug from the most loving Nanna your imagination could conjur!

 And, seriously… This is just the beginning of the life-shifting power of essential oils!

I also discovered that not all essential oils are created equally… Through my research, I concluded that it was really important to me that the oils I used and recommended are:

  • Packaged in dark, glass bottled to keep them fresh and pure and deter oxidation
  • Of the highest therapeutic grade, meeting strict testing criteria by a third party, meaning they’re safe and effective
  • Sourced sustainably from the plant’s natural habitat

It took me countless hours of research and product testing to finally find a range of wonderful essential oils that meets my requirements, and it’s a true pleasure for me to be able to make them available to you now!

But that’s not all!

Once you bring the scentual wonder of essential oils into your own life, you’ll find that you begin to fit into one of the following categories:

  • Devoted User: filling your world with scent and loving the blissful results… In which case, you can keep on filling your Medicine Pouch and reaping the benefits!
  • Enthusiastic Sharer: filling not only your world… but the worlds of your loved ones… and their loved ones… and your hairdressers… and your bosses dog… You get my drift… 😉 You’ve fallen in love with essential oils and you’re telling the world about it! In which case, you can consider opening a wholesale account, which means that you make a commission (along with free goodies!) on the purchases of your inspired friends and loved ones!
  • Passionate Pathfinder: you’ve felt the bliss… You’ve shared enthusiastically… And now you realise that you’re so passionate about essential oils that you’re drawn to developing a business around them. A business that soothes, heals, nourishes and inspires others, whilst creating financial freedom for yourself. In which case, I want you on my team! Yes, there is a way to build a solid, abundant business as an Essential Oil Wellness Advocate, receiving all the training and mentoring you could ever need, and more! Soul-fulfilling, and loads of fun, it’s a way forward for passionate Medicine Women that really makes a difference!

Whether you’re feeling inspired to build essential oils into your own Medicine Pouch, you’re sharing your enthusiasm for essential oils to anyone who’ll listen, or your soul is calling you towards developing a truly exciting essential oils business, you can feel more than free to contact me HERE.

Essential oils are true blessings from Mumma Nature…

I’m so excited about them that I could burst, which is why you’ll be seeing loads of fascinating and exciting articles coming up on the site about them.

Medicine Woman…

I can’t wait for you to experience the beauty and potency of essential oils in your life, and to spread that healing to all you know and love.

Breathing, Dreaming, Loving, Creating…

Aimee xxx


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