Hey… I know you!
I know who you are…


You love yourself… Your beloved… Your loved ones… Your amazing tribe… Your magical life as it unfolds…

You are instinctual, primal, intuitive.
You are feisty and fierce, bold and brave.
You are courageously vulnerable, soft and tender. You listen… and you speak your truth.

You move your body, just because it feels good.
You heal yourself and those you love with nourishing food. Prepared mindfully and from the heart.

Oh, your heart…
So generous… Giving… Sharing…
So open! To life! To love! To connection! Such trust and awareness!

Hey… I see you!
I see who you are, Love.

You walk with confidence.
You shine. So brightly!
The warmth of your smile and your laugh is contagious.
I love how you walk in your true, unique beauty. I love how you deflect judgment without batting an eyelid. I love how you embrace your own beauty… and that of others… and that of life itself…
And sometimes I catch you stopping and nourishing yourself with big, juicy breaths… And I can’t help but smile.

Can I tell you what else I love about you?

I love your mind.
I love how you set such clear intention… Create vision… Follow through…
I love how you affirm yourself… Armed with secret, sacred, powerful mantras… Those nasty little voices don’t stand a chance with that mental toolkit of yours, do they?

I love that you know what you want, and you manifest it.
So abundant, you are. So embracing of your worthiness of that abundance. So willing to share the overflowing of your wisdom and gifts.

I love your sense of adventure and your embrace of challenge.
I love how you move so fluidly from your sensual, sexy self to your grounded, humble self to your cheeky, silly self.
All vibrating from your deep, passionate, vital, essential energy.
From the very nature of who you are. The core.

And who you are is brave…

So connected to your soul purpose.
So willing to grow… Transform… Unfold… So willing to both lead and learn.

I love how you know how to let go. To surrender.

You live in the light, don’t you? You’re magical…
You’re free…
I know it.

You’re a Goddess.

Hey, beautiful! I’m Aimee.

I’m a holistic health coach and yoga instructor with a raw devotion to helping women to shine as their most radiant selves.

In envision a world where everyone belongs to a supportive tribe…
Where the journey through this thing called life is happy, energised and truthful …. Where love is the standard, presence is the norm and intuition is the guiding light…

I believe in embracing life in all its light and shadow, slowing down and living from the heart.
And breaths.
I believe in big, nourishing, centering breaths!

Can you imagine…?

  • Looking in the mirror and your first, pure thought being ‘I love you’?
  • Feeling centred, grounded, balanced, calm and strong as your normal, constant experience?
  • Knowing exactly who you are and expressing that self with ease, grace and fluid flow?
  • Feeling a sense of magical momentum as you witness your life unfolding?
  • Being an integral part of a tribe of like-minded, soul-nourishing women where stories are shared, tears are shed and great healing is experienced?
  • Attracting amazing, wholesome, mutually nourishing friendships and relationships into your life effortlessly?
  • Nourishing your sensitive female body, your temple, with high-vibration foods and beverages, and seeing and feeling the resulting glow and radiance?
  • Learning how to move your body in ways that create a healthy, happy, flowing body and that actually feel good?
  • Being so connected to your intuition that it becomes your most reliable guiding force?
  • Respecting yourself, connecting to your truth and creating healthy boundaries with ease?
  • Feeling such strong presence that life is a constant source of delight?
  • Connecting with your dreams, masterfully setting goals and strategically following through to create and manifest your hearts deepest desires?
  • Knowing that with the right tools and strategies, you can trust yourself, trust your path and trust the universe?
  • Being a magnet for abundance in all areas of yourself, and a vessel of loving gratitude?

Sounds pretty good, right?
Believe me… It is!
It’s the life I now lead – the Goddess life. And I believe that it’s the birth right of all women to enjoy all this, and more. My life’s work is to empower as many women as I can with the tools and resources that healed me and allowed me to break through my own blocks to create the flow, love and magic that I now embrace every day.

Life was not always this joyful for me… In fact, I have a confession.

Years ago, I experienced my ‘rock bottom’ – a panic attack so severe that I was sedated and rushed to hospital. The years that proceeded this final breakdown were uncomfortable at best, painful at worst.

I was addicted to money and the things it could buy – clothes, shoes, handbags, beauty treatments. I worked ridiculous and unsustainable hours to support my obsession, because I thought that it was these things that would make me prettier and more attractive to others. I thought that I needed to keep buying, buying, buying to make myself happy.

It wasn’t until everything was taken away, through the breakdown I experienced, that I realised that I had been crying out for love without understanding that I needed to love myself first.

In the rare moments that I wasn’t working (or shopping!), my inner life was in turmoil… I felt exhausted, as though I was constantly treading water. I was completely disconnected from my soul dreams, looking only to my next purchase to attempt to create happiness. (Guess what… It never worked…)

I felt painfully stuck. Desperately unhappy. Constantly guilty.

My friendships and relationships were toxic – I was forever giving, giving, giving, with nothing received in return. This only cemented my most paralysing self-belief – that I was not good enough.

Now I can understand that my panic attack was one of the greatest gifts life has ever sent my way. It set me onto my healing path – guiding me to my first yoga class, to the teachers and mentors who helped me to heal, to my journey with nourishing wholefoods and, ultimately, to my coaching career.

I know these things to be true… The Goddess Life is the birth right of all women, but it takes deep, thorough work to create the ease and flow that it entails. Part of being a Goddess is understanding that you need and deserve support in your growth. And that’s where I step in.

As your coach, I will stand shoulder to shoulder with you on your journey, assisting you to:

  • Become a true master of authentic self-love
  • Connect with your body and nourish it, deeply, with delicious whole foods, scrumptious beverages and joyful movement
  • Shut up that chattering mind, creating presence and quiet
  • Uncover and discover your purpose, your passion and your path
  • Rise into radiance in body, mind and soul
  • Identify your blocks and burn through them
  • Clear out your negative thoughts and limiting beliefs and awaken to magical possibilities
  • Map out your goals and action plans to help you create the life of your dreams

The vast toolkit I draw upon in my coaching practice includes:

  • Mindfulness practices
  • Meditation techniques
  • Targeted yoga asana instruction
  • Nutritional reviews and deliciously nourishing meal plansI don’t just see myself as a coach… I’m also an enthusiastic cheerleader, a mindful mentor and a partner in accountability. I approach my work in the spirit of sisterhood, and cultivating deep, trusting relationships with my clients is the name of the game!Yours in beauty, yours in truth, Aimee xxx

    Professional Bio:

    Aimee Angelique is an IIN certified health coach, Youth Mentor and  yoga teacher based in Newcastle, NSW.

    With a background in media, performance, event management and public relations, Aimee has a contagiously vibrant energy and enduring commitment to helping others to shine brightly.


  • Professional stylist (including working with New Idea, Marie Claire and The Australian)
  • Media production and project coordination
  • Director events management (including the burlesque show “Dollies and Soldiers” and the popular “Welcome To The Wonderland’ dance parties)


  • Diploma of Business Management
  • Holistic Health Coach Diploma (Institute of Integrative Nutrition)
  • Certified Yoga Instructor (Sukha Mukha Yoga Teacher Training)
  • Certified Prenatal Yoga Instructor (Katie Manitsas Yoga Teacher Training)
  • Certified Youth Mentor (Shine From Within)

Aimee’s Programs:

My programs are all about YOU; tailored to your unique energy and flow.
No rules… no checklists… no set agenda…
My guiding principle in my coaching is INTUITION.
I am open and responsive to what I hear, see and feel your mind, body and soul calling out for. I’m then able to dip into my vast toolkit to source exactly what it is that you need – right here, right now. It’s from this intuitive space that our healing adventure unfolds; together.

Fast Flame:

This is a one-off intensive coaching session where we zone in, laser-focussed, on one specific block… and burn through it!

Be it related to health, nutrition, fitness, work, relationships or any life area that needs work, a Fast Flame session is about swiftly unpacking your issue and implementing strategies to empower you and transform that block, creating resolution, healing and joyful forward momentum.

Fast Flame sessions are very flexible – book as you go!

Your Fast Flame session includes:

  • A 1.5 hour, one on one coaching session via Skype or in person
  • A summary of our discussion and an outline of my recommendations and resources, emailed to you within 24 hours of our session
  • A ‘check in’ email to see how you’re progressing, 1 week after our session
  • A bundle of strategies and resources for you to put into action right away

Fast Flame Investment – $185.00

Deep Water Program:

A 3-month program where we delve and dive deeper into your life, identifying the obstacles that hold you back, the issues that keep you stuck and the gentle strategies that will move you through.

You may like to devote your Deep Water program to one specific life issue – health, weight-loss, relationships, work, fertility, pregnancy etc… Or you may like to cover the whole tapestry of your world throughout this time with me. Remember – there are no rules; this is YOUR program! This is YOUR life!

Believe me when I say this: when you dive deep, the water is mighty fine!

Your Deep Water program includes:


  • A 1 hour, one on one coaching session twice per month for 3 months (fortnightly), via Skype or in person
  • A summary of our discussion and an outline of my recommendations and resources, emailed to you within 24 hours of our sessions
  • Regular email support throughout the 3 month duration of the program
  • A bundle of strategies and resources for you to put into action right away
  • Some delightful surprises along the journey, like bonus worksheets, access to new resources and even some snail-mail treats!

    Deep Water total Investment = $660.00 (payment also plans available)

     Absolute Immersion Program:

    A 6-month program where we go right to your core to fully nourish you into the sumptuous Goddess that you are!

    Absolute Immersion is about fully stepping into your feminine power, setting your feet onto your soul’s path and unfolding into the very best version of you possible.

    Deepen your spiritual work, raise your vibration and create deep, sustained radiance, inside and out!

    The work we’ll do together here is deep. Sometimes gritty, always poignant, forever joyful.

    Your Absolute Immersion program includes:

    6 MONTHS:

  • A 1 hour, one on one coaching session twice per month for 6 months (fortnightly), via Skype or in person
  • A summary of our discussion and an outline of my recommendations and resources, emailed to you within 24 hours of our sessions
  • Regular email support throughout the 6 month duration of the program
  • A bundle of strategies and resources for you to put into action right away
  • Some delightful surprises along the journey, like bonus worksheets, access to new resources and even some snail-mail treats!

    Absolute Immersion Total = $1,200.00 (payment also plans available)

If you would like more info or have any questions please email for all the details.

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Namaste friends,
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